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About Us



ICON™ was born out of the desire to create China-made fireworks and pyrotechnics that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. The brand was developed in 2003 by the Foti family off the back of a 200+ year tradition of fireworks manufacturing. Developed through the pyrotechnical expertise of Master Pyrotechnician Sam Foti and the implementation of quality systems, the ICON™ name has become synonymous with color quality, beautiful performance, function consistency, operational safety and product compliance.

Today ICON™ fireworks and pyrotechnics are manufactured in Hunan, China. The operation is supported by a team that share the same philosophy and dedication to meeting customer requirements, delivering beautiful and compliant fireworks, and providing the best service possible.


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The team at ICON™ understand what firework and pyrotechnic professionals need to be successful, compliant and efficient. Our team engages in a culture of quality where all personnel are expected to perform services the highest quality standards. We are dedicated to achieving excellence and developing and maintaining our products' reputation as the pyro and fireworks of choice for display designers and operators.

Ensuring the technical integrity of our products is paramount and achieved through understanding requirements (both our customer's and market) with regular and systematic testing. In keeping with this practice the company's product quality system has been audited by a third party Notified Body and satisfies the requirements of Module E certification in accordance to Directive 2013/29/EU. 


Market standards are appropriately applied to ensure full compliance for all customers. For example, as well as complying to the European Standard for European customers we  stringently follow Standard APA 87-1 as well as being guided by the AFSL Display Fireworks Standard for the US market.




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The ICON™ quality management system is supported by the Pyromanager™ business management software. Customers can log in to the ICON's database for performance details of each item ICON produces.

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