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Single Shots for Tricky Locations

Shooting fireworks on sensitive structures or close to audiences requires stable, predictable and safe pyro. The factors that define these requirements include a device design that produces minimal debris,  stability and security during functioning, quality assured manufacturing and testing. Combined these elements produce consistent, clean and oustanding performance. ICON performance is tried and true as is has been seen on World Heritage Listed building such as Sydney Opera House or during close-to-audiences shows such as the Macao Parisian Opening Ceremony performance.

Single Shots for Tricky Locations

  • Sydney Opera House Effects:


    Event: Sydney New Year's Eve

    Display Designed & Produced by: Foti International Fireworks, Australia

    Parisian Macao Effects:


    Event: Parisian Macao Opening Ceremony

    Display Designed by: Foti International Fireworks, Australia

    Display Produced by: Pyromagic, Hong Kong

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